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Alcohol, Cigarette and Soda License

Any establishment serving or selling beer, liquor, wine, cigarettes or soda must obtain a license.

Applications for beer, liquor and wine licenses may be obtained at the city clerk's office, on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website, or on this page.

The license period for beer, liquor and wine licenses is July 1st - June 30th. 

Department Contacts
City Clerk (715) 743-2105
Public Works (715) 743-5678
Recreation (715) 743-2400
Library  (715) 743-2558
Parks     (715) 743-7071  
Cemetery (715) 743-7071  
Water Dept.       (715) 743-3991
Sewer Dept. (715) 743-3592
Police Dept.  (non-emergency) (715) 743-3122