Current Condition

1897 Clark County Jail                                                                                 #13

The LaCrosse architectural firm of Stozie & Schick utilized the Richardsonian Romanesque style for the 1897 Jail. The structure not only housed convicted prisoners, but also provided a finely appointed victorian residence for the Sheriff and his family. The crenellated battlements of the east and west turrets provided an elevated platform for county sheriffs to monitor crowds that assembled during the milk riots of the 1920s. The county abandoned use of the sheriff's residence in 1974, and the jail portion in 1978 when it became a museum. Museum tour information is posted at the 1897 Clark County Jail Museum website. LR, NR


EL – The structure is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places
LR – The structure is listed on the Local Historic Register
NR – The structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


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